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IMO Sulphur Cap

Kamelia Cleantech offers bespoke intelligent scrubbers engineered in Finland by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

We provide complete exhaust gas cleaning (EGC) scrubber systems that reduces Sulphur Oxide (SOx) emissions from ships.

Our scrubber systems are:

  • Fully future-ready and modular
  • Designed and manufactured with an option to be converted into hybrid operational mode
  • Made from fit-for-purpose materials leading to a long operating life of the system
  • Controlled by State-of-the-art process software that ensure appropriate diagnostics for optimal system performance and lowest OPEX
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IMO Sulphur Cap

A revolutionary approach for the shipping industry to reduce opportunity costs and vessel downtime. Sharad Kumar, COO

With combined experience in the Oil & Gas and Marine industries spanning the last 35 years, our experts have developed best in class scrubbers and control systems. Kamelia Cleantech designs and manufactures end-to-end fully integrated scrubber solutions that can be installed “on-voyage”.


We ensure minimal opportunity cost to our clients with typically only 1 week of downtime when systems are installed on voyage. This can reduce opportunity costs by up to 70%. We utilize proven oil and gas industry technology for underwater penetrations. No drydocking or cofferdams are required for scrubber system installation.


Kamelia Cleantech’s parent company, Unique Group is a leading specialist and integrated solutions provider across the global marine, oil and gas, renewables, subsea and defense industries.

Why choose us?

We provide an end-to-end fully integrated scrubber solution using a team with a proven track record who are experts in chemistry, process control, engine technology, flow engineering, material science, corrosion, paints, system delivery, and emission software. The optimal holistic solution is delivered to our customers through consideration of all these factors.
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State-of-the-art Scrubbers

Bespoke intelligent scrubbers engineered by the exhaust gas cleaning industry experts.

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Committed to maintain an Integrated Management System and provide quality products that meet customers’ requirements and Classification Societies.

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Ensuring the best product quality and customer service from beginning to end.

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