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IMO Sulphur Cap

Kamelia Cleantech offers bespoke intelligent scrubber systems that are the most compact, lightweight, customisable and cost-effective available in the market. Our scrubbers are engineered in Finland and manufactured in key locations around the world – e.g. China, the UAE and Turkey.

We provide ultra-compact exhaust gas cleaning (EGC) systems that reduces Sulphur Oxide (SOx) emissions from ships.


Kamelia Cleantech has as extensive global service network with offices, shipyards, and partners available 24/7 to help you get the most out of your scrubber system.


Fully integrated 360° holistic approach

Choose your Scrubber Technology

Fully integrated 360° holistic approach

Choose your Scrubber Technology


Why choose Kamelia Cleantech?

Kamelia Cleantech has an experience of over 25 years, installing and servicing various systems, for over 300 vessels around the world. Our optimal-holistic scrubber solution provides you the following:

Lightest and Most Customisable Scrubber

Ultra-compact scrubbers that comes in all shapes and sizes.

Flexible Financing Options

Available financing for system and installation.

On-Voyage Installation

Integrated scrubber solutions that can be installed on-voyage without drydocking.

Swift Installation

Our ultra-light and compact enclosureless design - the fastest installation time

Minimised Opportunity Costs

Greater savings due to work on-voyage & enclosureless design.

Integrated Equipment Supply

Fully integrated 360° holistic project cycle to ensure full customer support at all times.

Advanced & Adaptive Software

New software version, KCS 1000, that optimizes your operations.

Material and Warranty

High-grade components used on our scrubbers to ensure a long-life span