Scrubbers will not only help save the Environment, but they are also Cost-Effective

The exhaust abatement technology that allows ships to meet sulfur targets and continue to burn heavy fuel oil (HFO) can also deliver a significant return on investment. Scrubbers are the cheapest option for larger vessels to comply with the regulation and a typical payback period can be expected to be from 6 to 18 months. During 2018, there was an average differential cost in fuel of around $250/ tonne in twenty ports. Major financial institutions predict that the demand will even be higher in 2020.


The Value We Bring

Developing scrubber technology over several years has allowed us to understand the complexities of efficient exhaust gas cleaning and its pitfalls. Hence, we have already gone through the learning curve and eliminated all the possible problems that our competition will need to solve during the first years of developing systems.

Kamelia Cleantech’s scrubbers are high-quality and produced in high-grade steel materials for a superior product lifetime.

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