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Scrubber System

IMO Sulphur Cap

Open loop, Hybrid and/or Closed loop systems tailor-made for your vessel and your route.

New KCS 1000 - Advanced & Adaptive Control Software that optimises your operations

Kamelia Cleantech has recently introduced KCS 1000, a new version of our scrubber control software, that is based on Marine Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our reliable control system uses the latest technology available in the market that helps optimise vessel operation to get you the following results:

  • 30% less cabling requirements than any competition in the market
  • Alkali usage reduction up to 30% in a closed-loop scrubber
  • Lower power consumption and less maintenance through a cascaded pump operation
  • Reduction of water and power consumption by 60% at low load
  • Designed to be user-friendly, minimum crew intervention
  • Remote monitoring enables data analytics and predictive maintenance to ensure aftersales support is available in the right place, at the right time