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IMO Sulphur Cap

We deliver enclosureless lightweight scrubbers in any suitable shape for your vessel.

Kamelia Cleantech manufactures ultra-compact and lightweight scrubbers that can be customized to fit your vessel to ensure NO CARGO LOSS.

We offer:

U-line scrubbers

I-line scrubbers

Oval scrubbers

Rectangular scrubbers

Project Cycle
Project Cycle

How our scrubber is different?

  • Designed in accordance with ASME U code
  • Maintenance areas can be positioned as per client request
  • Withstands the wave and wind loads required by Class - No enclosure needed
  • The lightest and the most compact in the market
  • Design optimised to avoid corrosion
  • Only high-grade alloys used
  • Different scrubber sections are welded not flanged to ensure leak free configuration
  • Can be installed with or without an enclosure