IMO Sulphur Cap

We offer full end-to-end solutions including overall project management throughout the project cycle

Developing scrubber technology over several years has allowed us to understand the complexities of efficient exhaust gas cleaning and its pitfalls. We have already gone through the learning curve and eliminated all the possible problems that our competition will need to solve during the first years of developing systems. This is also how we are able to make our products the most competitive in the market from an OPEX and CAPEX point of view.

IMO Sulphur Cap

Holistic Approach to System Total CAPEX

How we reduce system costs:

  • Unique compact and enclosureless design ensures lowest CAPEX
  • Optimised ASME U conforming design ensures the lowest weight
  • Lean organisation - less overhead than major competitors

How we reduce opportunity costs:

  • Unique enclosureless design -> up to 60 % reduction in installation duration
  • AR technology -> less errors
  • Possibility to complete parts of the work on voyage & quayside

How we reduce installation costs:

  • Exclusive enclosureless and light design - saving in engineering, materials and time
  • Experienced installation crew -> faster installation & less cost
  • Customised design to optimise overall installation cost